Tutorials in NIPS 2016

This is a collection of all material I was able to find for various tutorials of NIPS 2016 for people who were not able to attend it and are really excited to know whats going on and can’t wait for official videos and slides.

Crowdsourcing: Beyond Label Generation


Variational Inference: Foundations and Modern Methods


Deep Reinforcement Learning Through Policy Optimization


Nuts and Bolts of Building Applications using Deep Learning - Andrew Ng

Slides Video from talk by Andrew Ng on same talk but somewhere else is here

Theory and Algorithms for Forecasting Non-Stationary Time Series

Natural Language Processing for Computational Social Science

Large-Scale Optimization: Beyond Stochastic Gradient Descent and Convexity

Slides - I Slides - II

Generative Adversarial Networks - Ian Goodfellow


ML Foundations and Methods for Precision Medicine and Healthcare

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